Vienna Juvenile is proud to announce:

The Story Arc Sketch Comedy Festival

June 1- 10 2017

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The Story Arc Sketch Comedy Festival is a sketch comedy festival combining the worlds of sketch and theater, that begins with a simple prompt…

How can sketch comedy tell a new kind of story?

Featuring five independent comedy groups performing five world premiere revues over the course of two weekends, this can’t mix theatrical event will have you laughing, crying, and experiencing a whole new side of sketch comedy.

So… what story are you ready to hear?


Vienna Juvenile

June 3 and 10

Vienna Juvenile has been performing around Chicago and throughout the country for the past three years, including at Chicago Sketchfest, iO, and the Bloomington Playwrights Project. Sometimes absurd, sometimes touching, but always entertaining, Vienna Juvenile can't wait to tug (and tickle) your heartstrings.

Spooky Dookie

June 2 and 9

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Spooky Dookie is Chicago's premier two-woman female sketch duo, comprised of Maureen Monahan and Claire McFadden. Their sketch is dark and polished, like a beautiful river stone. Your laughter will be loud and raucous, like a beautiful river stone.


June 2 and 9

OPIE is Olivia Nielsen and Patriac Coakley. They are dying to shine for you. Under Megan John's supreme direction, OPIE has performed at Chicago Sketchfest and at iO for an extended run. Life is a heartbreaker, love is a band-aid, sketch is an experiment, water is good.


June 1 and 8

Handsome is EJ Cameron, Ben Wiebers, Stephen James Hanthorn, and J. Corey Buckner. They have been performing together around Chicago for the past two and a half years. They bring a wide variety of skills to the group including magic, freestyle rapping, photography, and slam poetry. The four best friends would describe their style as accessible dumb fun.

Hot Reads

June 3 and 10

A team of performers step on stage. In front of them, a stack of scripts. The lights come on, the show begins, and one by one our actors work their way through each piece. The catch? They've never seen these scripts before. From the mind of Marc Ranucci, strap in for a night of comedy unlike anything you've seen before, as theater unfolds before your eyes in an adventurous (and hilarious) comedic feat.


The Story Arc Sketch Comedy Festival is generously sponsored by
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